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Mood of the Day | Soap Flakes

Mood of the Day | Soap Flakes

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Mood of the day Olive Oil Soap Flakes will get you in the mood. Made with olive oil and available in 7 colours, moods and scents. Choose your mood, or your colour or your scent. Take a pinch and wash your hands. Take a handful and mix it with warm water to make liquid soap. Put some in a little pouch and bring aroma to your cupboards or even your handbag. Play with the moods, have fun.

Weight: 120 g

Pouch dimensions: 12x21x4 cm

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Palm Oil from Responsible Sources, fragrances, Pigments & Oxides.

CURIOUS is yellow & scented with Rosemary
HAPPY is orange & scented with Citrus Fruits
LOVED is pink & scented with Jasmine
SEXY is red & scented with Bay 
CALM is violet & scented with Lavender
RELAXED is blue & scented with Chamomile 
LUCKY is green & scented with, Eucalyptus 

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