About Us

The Cool Projects is about fair trade, small production, crafts, design, quality vs quantity, natural handmade products, and an effort to sustain small traditional workshops with respect to the environment, animals, people we work with and ourselves.
We design and produce all our products following the above principles.
We have created 3 brands, which are introduced below:

Cool Soap
A range of all natural bodycare products made by us on the island of Aegina with respect to nature, animals, ourselves and people who work with us. We have created two series:
Essentials: A range of 12 handmade natural extra virgin olive oil soaps made with the cold process and scented with essential oils.
Elements: A range that includes Soap Bars, Liquid Soaps, Shampoos, Body Butters and Soap Flakes in 4 scents, all natural and made with olive oil.

Mood Of The Day
A first series of colourful soaps in seven colours, seven scents, seven moods to put you in the mood. They come in different packaging and shapes and in shower gels.

A second series with 6 colourful soaps scented with perfumes.

Cool Collection
A series of handmade objects for the bathroom and the home all designed by us, most also manufactured by us and some by collaborators. They include soap dishes to make sure our natural soaps will have a long life, toiletry bags for travelling, various small and medium sized objects made of marble, wood, ceramics.

Mood of the day

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